We at Mirror Mirror understand that the impact we have on our customers, employees and the society extends well beyond our operations. We are committed to make a positive impact by giving back to the communities we serve and by creating safe & fair workplaces for everyone who is involved in our entire supply & operations ecosystem. We can do more and we will do more. Let's make a change together.

What We're Doing

Vendor Accountability

We require all of our manufactures, suppliers and partners to monitor their own facilities and ensure that everyone is held accountable to strict quality standards whilst adhering to laws and regulations regarding labor practices. Product quality is important to us as we believe that customers are ready to move away from traditional fast fashion as the prices does not necessarily reflect the true cost with the carbon footprint that is left behind in the process. This involves optimisation of our entire value chain whilst building long lasting relationships with our suppliers.  

Fair Labor Practices

We treat all our employees with respect and dignity whilst nurturing the individual expertise of each and every employee. Our operations partly being based in Sri Lanka we have taken the initiative to ensure fair wages to our employees  with their salaries being pegged with the US dollar in order to keep their income in par with the ongoing inflation in the country.

We pledge our commitment to a more diverse and inclusive workplace for all, every day, thus nurturing an each for equal culture.

We believe that we all have a role to play in building a more sustainable future for our organsation, for our communities, and for our World.

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