Our Vision: To Make Good Quality Fashion Accessories Affordable For ALL.

Mirror Mirror was launched in 2013 driven by the concept of making good quality accessories affordable for all.

Our vision is to create happiness and confidence through fashion. We are committed to delivering good quality products that are both affordable and accessible. To achieve this vision, we source the best quality items and optimize our delivery network to ensure that our customers receive their products quickly and conveniently. We strive to continuously improve our services and build strong relationships with our customers, so that we can provide the best fashion experiences possible

Our Story

Mirror Mirror began in August 2013 to create an alternative by combining e-commerce with Fashion, we are driven by the concept of delivering stylish & quality accessories at affordable prices to our customers.

Mirror Mirror has taken a different pathway by offering premium quality products at the lowest possible prices with low profit margins as we believe that that good quality products and affordable pricing should be the core of our company as we measure our success not by our profit but by the happiness and value we deliver to our customers.

Since our inception we have fulfilled over 400,000 orders and we believe that we have managed to successfully make a positive impact in the industry. We believe that quality fashion should be affordable for everyone and we’re constantly striving to make a great impact in the industry by demonstrating that a business can scale, be profitable and spread joy in the world without charging a premium for it.

We have learnt that it takes creativity, innovation and empathy to achieve our goal in order to make high quality accessories affordable for all and “there is nothing complicated about affordable good quality accessories''. Now you can accessorize yourself without leaving a dent in your wallet.

Mirror Mirror is NOW ON MirrorMirrorNOW.com

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