Our Vision: To make Good Quality Fashion Accessories affordable for all.   
This is our vision and it guides us in all aspects of our business from sourcing good quality products to optimizing our delivery network to ensure that our customers receive their products as fast as possible. We continuously strive as a team to achieve our vision as we believe in creating happiness and confidence through fashion by delivering good quality products that many people will be able to afford..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Our Roots

 (Image: Mirror Mirror Team / Warehouse/ Collection Point)

Our roots lie in the paradise island of Sri Lanka where Mirror Mirror was founded in 2013 by one man with a mission to inspire and impact the fashion E-commerce Landscape in Sri Lanka.                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Our founder was a student who was simply looking to buy a birthday gift for his girlfriend who soon realized that stylish & affordable accessories were non-existent at the time in Sri Lanka. The accessories industry back then was dominated by a few large players in the market whilst reaping huge profits from consumers who were left with no alternatives.                                                                                   
Mirror Mirror began in August 2013 to create an alternative by combining E-Commerce with Fashion, we were able to deliver Stylish & Quality accessories at affordable prices to our customers. Since our inception we have fulfilled over 400,000 orders within Sri Lanka and have managed to successfully make a positive impact in the industry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
From Local to Global

Mirror Mirror being based in Sri Lanka, the country is currently undergoing an awful post pandemic economic crisis and as a result we are left with no other option than to be creative and resourceful in order to make the best out of the dire situation. We at Mirror Mirror believe that every crisis presents its own opportunities and now that it's time to pivot our operations globally whilst our values remain the same going forward. 9 years ago we undertook the challenge to change the fashion E-commerce landscape in a tiny island in the Indian ocean and we now look forward to the tormenting challenge of creating an impact in the global fashion E-commerce landscape by making good quality accessories more attainable for the masses.

So began Mirror Mirror Now. Our Journey continues now with an even bigger mission of accessorizing the world by making good quality accessories affordable for everyone all around the world. Now more than ever, accessories can be a way of reclaiming your confidence and your inner happiness, so we believe in quality accessories for all as we have seen the joy that it brings on our customers over the years.

We believe that quality fashion should be affordable for everyone and we’re constantly striving to make a great impact in the fashion industry by demonstrating that a business can scale, be profitable and spread joy in the world without charging a premium for it.

We have learnt that it takes creativity, innovation and empathy to achieve our goal in order to make high quality fashion affordable for all and “there is nothing complicated about affordable good quality accessories''. Now you can accessorize yourself without leaving a dent in your wallet.

Our Journey Continues: Mirror Mirror is now on MirrorMirrorNOW.com

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